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Admission guide


ACTS - Undergraduate cycle



YEREVAN - 29 june 2024

​​Jury members of the admission committee are :

- Frédéric Audegond, general director

- Pasqualina Noel, artistic & pedagogic director

How to apply:

1 - Online registration by clicking on ‘Audition’ :

2 - Candidates must hold a diploma of middle-school level (A-Level, Abitur, Maturita...) and show a correct command in classical and contemporary dance.


3 - After preselection of application files, the invited applicants will be invited to an interview by online videoconference.

Only eligible candidates can participate.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email:

Administrative conditions for successful candidates:

Application fee: 1300 € for the 3 years of the programme, to be paid in full on signing the training contract
Tuition fees : 5 400 € /year

Method of payment:
The student accepted in ESC1 at the entrance exam must confirm his/her admission and return the signed contract to ACTS within 7 days after the exam date, with payment of the application fee: 1300 €.

Tuition fees are paid in 2 instalments:
- 2700 € on 1st july 2024

- 2700 € on 1st september 2024

The contractual conditions and payment deadlines are specified in the ACTS internal rules and regulations and are brought to the attention of admitted candidates. Non-payment of the totality of the tuition fees will result in the impossibility of following the training.
Payments are made by bank transfer (ACTS bank details provided on request)


Re-enrolment ESC2 & ESC3:
Students admitted to ACTS must confirm their re-registration to the next level before 31 March each year.
In order to harmonise the management of ACTS and to guarantee their place in the training, a pre-payment of 1000 € for the coming season is required before March 31st by students who continue their training at ACTS.

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