Établissement privé d'enseignement supérieur reconnu par l’État

Récépissé N° E13-10 du Rectorat de Paris / RNE 0755735B

Les diplômes d'établissement de ACTS ne sont ni un diplôme de l'Éducation nationale, ni un titre RNCP.

Nomenclature des diplômes d'établissement de ACTS :

  • 9020321 / "Certificat d'école en Arts - Bac à Bac+3" - niveau 1er cycle supérieur / Certificat de niveau 6 (Fr./UE)

  • 9023521 / "Certificat d'école en Arts - Bac+4 à Bac+5" - niveau 2ème cycle supérieur / Certificat de niveau 7 (Fr. UE)

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Admission guide

ACTS - Undergraduate cycle


Next auditions :

Roma / 25th april 2020

Paris / 09th may 2020



Jury members of the admission committee are :

- Frédéric Audegond, general director

- Pasqualina Noel, artistic & pedagogic director

- Emerentienne Dubourg, Professeur of choreographic cultrue

How to apply:

1 - Online registration by clicking on ‘Audition’ :

2 - After pre-selection, selected candidates are invited for the audition day that they have registered for.
In the audition day, after a technical examinations that will consist of a contemporary dance workshop, candidates will be invited to present a free contemporary dance solo and some improvisations upon request of jury.


Candidates should come to the audition in tight fitting dance clothes that allows to see the body, and tied up hair.
Audition fee is 30 €.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email: